Vorpal Sounds 5

Hello. This week, I have a little shorter single step walkthrough. Last time I had this simple concept where I added random movement to a basic sound, chop it up and use the good bits. This time it’s the same thing with a little twist: Instead of adding it randomly, I’m picking a sound that already has lots of movement and using that to produce various samples that can be used together; in this case a percussion kit. Well, almost.

Here’s the sound we’re using this week. Some sample I’ve taken randomly from an old record.

And this time the process we’re using is “distort-telescope”. It’s some sort of a distortion effect derived from time stretching sample. (Or time-contracting, to be more precise.) This is gonna be a terrible explanation but, some of the waves in the input file are cut and pasted into other waves (being mixed), so the file length gets shorter and the resulting sound gets a rough, lofi-ish distorted texture.

The main parameter here is the “cyclent” and the larger you set it, the shorter and rougher output file becomes. So it’s generally best to keep it small, in my experience. The “a” parameter also did a huge change to the sound but I just turned it on by listening as I didn’t fully understand the manual on both these parameters. Anyway the resulting sound ends up like this.

Now I’m keeping the sounds short for the sake of the tutorial and this one turned out to be a little too short but you can still hear like 4-5 usable hits in this one-shot sample. If you use longer and/or different samples you can get a lot of similar sounding cool little bits.

Like in the previous tutorial, getting the random bits out and sequencing them is the key for these kind of sounds to make sense, so I did another little demo. I wasn’t exactly having a creative outburst at that moment, but I hope it manages to demonstrate a rough idea of what can be done with these sounds. I’ve tried to keep it simple, just pitching, some envelopes, looping and a few FX.

And that concludes it for this tutorial, I hope you found it useful. As always, all sounds are free to download, comments, questions & feedback welcome.

See you around.