Vorpal Sounds 11

Hi. I realized most of my sounds turn out to be on the darker side of things so this week I’ve chosen a more positive vibe to begin with. This sound is from BluMarTen’s fantastic sample pack: JungleJungle. It’s a great collection, and it’s free, so make sure you grab it if you haven’t already.

First thing I intend to do here is shaping the envelope of the sound. Doing that before you start processing can help achieve interesting results. And for that I just reverse the sound and fade out the ending a little. CDP has similar functionality but this time I just went for Renoise as it’s much faster.

It is a pretty smooth and soft sounding sample so spectral timestretching can work wonders here. That’s especially true when you crank up the “points” parameter as that increases frequency resolution at the cost of losing rapid changes in sound. Losing time based details works to our advantage here. This is how I set it up and the resulting sound:

Sounds good but we can make things even smoother by using blur. I’m cranking up the “points” setting again for the same reason as above. I also increased the overlap factor but to be honest I’m still not 100% certain what it achieves so I set it up by trial & error.

So this is actually the final sample. I originally added some spatial effects but then decided to take them off to keep it raw so that you can mangle it further according to your needs. But to give an idea about how that sort of sculpting could be achieved, I’ve prepared a simple demo.

What I have here is a two note chord from our sample. (Don’t remember the notes.) I’ve set a crossfade loop to sustain the sound longer. And those two factors causes an irregular looping as two pitches mean two different loop lengths. That spices things up a little more.

I’ve added reverb & delay, also faded out the ending. Here’s how that sounds.

Again, it ended up being a bit moody compared to the original, but hopefully it’s more positive than my previous attempts.

And that’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed it. As always all sounds are free to download, comments & feedback welcome.


(Image by Vincepal)