Vorpal Sounds 10

Hi. Last week, Sonniss.com posted a pack of 10GB+ high-quality game audio samples. I haven’t gone through all yet but there are some nice sounds in there, so check it out if you’re interested.

Anyhow, this episode’s starting sound is a zipper sample straight out of that pack.

To get things going, I’m using one of my sound design workhorses in CDP, blur. It transforms the zipper sample into a sweet textural sort of sound. The “points” & “overlap” settings help with defining and controlling the details of the blurry motion. There are no rules here, as far as I can understand, so I just go by trial & error when setting them.

Next, it is time to impose some extra movement to the sound. For that I’ve used a basic high-pass filter in Renoise and automated the cutoff frequency and resonance. It doesn’t sound too impressive at this point, but it will change how the following processes will sound.

Now comes another favorite, spectrum stretching. Man, this can sound so messed up with some abuse. I’m not sure why, but the “exponent” parameter leaves a subtle impression on me, but it can radically change how things sound. There are a lot of variations possible here in general so it’s a good idea to take some time experimenting.

You could probably call this sample done at this point but I took it a bit further to see what happens. And to do that, I’m using a bit of an enigmatic process (to me at least), “hilite-bltr”. Not 100% sure what it does, but it seems to blur & isolate the sound in a strange way.

Pretty weird, huh? Now the final step is the big down transposing (19 semitones here).

There you go. More of a sci-fi feel. If you prefer you could go with the 3rd or 4th samples too. All sound interesting in their own ways to me.

All right, that’s all for this week, I hope you find it useful! As always, all sounds are free to download, comments, questions & feedback most welcome.

See you around.

(Image by dyrkwyst.)