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Vorpal Sounds 7

Hi. Last week I’ve barely touched the greatness that’s quite uninspiringly called “spec-magnify” so this week I’d like to revisit this awesome function.

“Spec-magnify” uses some clever spectral tricks (just guessing) to sustain any kind of sound for as long as you want. It seems to evolve slightly over time so the results can be very convincing. A great thing to have in your arsenal as there’s so much you can do with these kind of sounds when you add some volume, filter and pitch movement. And we’ll just do that in a most basic way for this tutorial.

The sample we’ll be processing is a little field recording from my Zoom H4n again. It’s just a basic rustling sound coming from pebbles or something. It’s short but duration is irrelevant for this process.

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VS 6: Incidental Sounds

Hello. In this episode of Vorpal Sounds, we’ll have a go at making some incidental sounds. My definition isn’t probably very accurate but the idea of an incidental sound for me is something that’s not really musical but still supports the track’s structure by adding a little bit of freeform texture or ambience. I’m fascinated by these type of sounds but being overly analytical, I usually struggle to just pull some random samples into a song. So this sort of process is something that can sometimes yield cool results for that purpose.

Right, let’s get started now. The sample here is a little snippet from a movie. It’s short but has a nice mix of atmospherics and foley.

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