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Rain City Riot Remix.

Hello. Here’s another remix I’ve made for a competition a while ago. I haven’t made it into the top tracks this time but still had a good time doing this and I’m making it available as a free download today. It’s somewhat Bhutanese Passport influenced so beware!

That’s all, I hope you like it. And don’t forget to grab a copy if you do.


(Background image by drakh.)


My EatMe Remix

Hi. Here’s my entry for InternetDJ‘s EatMe remix contest. I’m not really into house or trance stuff nowadays but I’ve heard the original track on Renoise forums and I quite liked it so I’ve had a go at remixing it. It ended up being a bit weird as I think it’s not in 4/4 signature but it (mostly) works! It’s a free download so grab it if you like it.

Voting for the contest is quite a mission but if you wanna check it out anyway here’s the link:


See you around.


My Blumarten remix

So a while ago I’ve entered a Blumarten remix contest run by K-mag. While I haven’t been able to top Conduct‘s fantastic entry, I still managed to get my remix appreciated by Blumarten. Being a super-awesome guy, Chris of BMT even asked for a wav version of the track so that they could play it out later. After a month or two they’ve also included it in a set which went quite viral. It’s a great mix so check it out here:


My remix is free to download as well so if you like it, grab it here: