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VS 18: Offline Filter Tool for Renoise

Hello. Recently, CDP tool’s creator afta8 posted a brand new tool: Offline Filter. It’s a niffty little tool that offers 4 different filter types, built-in cutoff envelope controls and 2 great sounding distortions. It works offline which means a different (and cool) workflow for mangling sounds. As in working with CDP. Definitely give it a try if you’re a Renoise user. And thanks afta8 for another smasher!

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Vorpal Sounds 5

Hello. This week, I have a little shorter single step walkthrough. Last time I had this simple concept where I added random movement to a basic sound, chop it up and use the good bits. This time it’s the same thing with a little twist: Instead of adding it randomly, I’m picking a sound that already has lots of movement and using that to produce various samples that can be used together; in this case a percussion kit. Well, almost.

Here’s the sound we’re using this week. Some sample I’ve taken randomly from an old record.

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