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VS 15: MorphSynth Bass

Hi. I’m back with another tutorial after a week’s break. As I haven’t been in a CDP mood recently I figured I’d try something different this time and decided to focus on another favourite sound design area of mine: Basses. Renoise has a lot to offer in terms of bass production and I will probably visit this subject pretty often in the future. But today I am exploring MorphSynth which is a synthetic sound generation tool for Renoise. I am new to using it but I really like it.

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VS 13: Featuring Devastor

Hi. Recently I’ve been demoing this fantastic multiband distortion plugin, Devastor. It’s the first distortion unit I’ve come across that can sound good on pretty much any source or occasion. It’s almost impossible to not add a raw vintage quality to the sound you put it on to and the filters sound great. (And add some really cool movement when automated.) All in all I’m definitely blown away with it so far.

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