CDP (and Renoise)

I’m obsessed with CDP (Composer’s Desktop Project). Check it out here. It’s a quite geeky sound design tool. I’ll admit I don’t really understand much of the technology behind it. There are spectral processes, some granular ones and others that I’m not very familiar with. Some of them are more straightforward like your usual filters etc. But even those have interesting twists. After years of development the owners generously decided to make it free. And trust me, it’s like acquiring a super secret hi tech lab for free. Kudos to the developers.

I suppose I’ve just scratched the surface of it yet but I can’t imagine making any sound design without it any more. There are tons of different processes and sometimes even the smallest parameter tweak will make a huge difference. And when you combine everything with everything… It’s endless.

So if you checked their website out you were probably put off by the 90’s atmosphere… Fear not! The good people at the Renoise forum made it possible for all of us to use this goodness just by a click or two. It could take a while to set up and you will probably need to get your hands dirty doing some troubleshooting but it will be worth every second.

Here’s the key to unlocking a new world of sounds:

If you don’t have Renoise yet, grab the demo here. Not sure about the demo restrictions but a license is dead cheap anyway. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the tracker layout. It isn’t as bad as it looks. Feel free to ask me or the Renoise forum for help. Just do whatever it takes to get that CDP tool going!

I’ll probably be talking about it a lot in the future and I’ll share some sounds I’ve made with it. So I thought an introductory post could be helpful.

Have a good one.