Redux is out!

So a few days ago Redux was finally released. For those aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically a Renoise 3 instrument in VST/AU format. Or in more general terms, a sampler on steroids. On top of great modulation & FX routing capabilities it also features a fantastic phrase sequencer where you can go crazy with melodies, rhythms, arpeggios, chords, edits, unique tracker sample effects and whatnot. I really like this idea especially for people using a normal DAW instead of Renoise as you can pretty much get the best of both worlds in this system. So I definitely recommend you check it out and see for yourself. The demo is fully functional apart from a periodic subtle hiss and it’s packed with great sounding factory content.

Being a Renoise-head, I probably won’t be using it too often, but it will still be great to have on hand for visual projects where I’m obliged to use Reaper for video support. In that scenario I expect it to be much better than ReWire.

But of course there are other implications, for my blog at least. Once Renoise gets updated with all the goodies, any sound one can get out of Renoise will be convertible for any DAW which is bloody fantastic to say the least! I haven’t tested this throughly yet but I will definitely be moving this direction where I demonstrate how I approach making a sound, keeping it all Renoise (and maybe some freebie VST’s) and finally posting it in Redux format (in addition to wave sample of course) so that everyone can download and play around with it as they like. It’s not too different from what I’m doing right now but with this small tweak it could be much more helpful and convertible as opposed to just handing out the end product as a wave sample. I’ll try and get this to happen ASAP.

So that’s pretty much it. Kudos to the Renoise team for making such a fantastic product and offering it for a very generous price. For me it’s the best musical instrument ever created and I’ll be spending hours and hours on it for sure.

Big ups!