Hello. This is my first post. I am an electronic music producer. I mostly produce drum & bass. I use Renoise mainly but I’m proficient with almost every DAW on the planet.

And I like talking about music production. Since I had to move to a shitty city regarding some real life issues, the only person I can talk about it right now, is my wife. And she isn’t really into it you know. The delicacies of EQ plugins or refining my arrangement workflow just doesn’t resonate with her as much. Don’t get me wrong, she tries to keep up and I’m grateful for that but it usually isn’t cutting it.

So yeah. I simply want to talk about music production every now and then. So I figured I should blog about it.

I pretty much have zero ideas on how I’m gonna be running this. It might be tutorials about any cool tricks I’ve discovered or I could ask for help on overcoming some musical problem or just share a sudden revelation I have. Anything goes I guess.

That’s all for the first post. See you around!