A Small Change

Hello. When I started this blog a while ago I wasn’t really sure what I would be writing about. I just went with the flow and soon realized that I really enjoy doing regular sound design posts. That resulted in a need for a title and without thinking about it too much I came up with “Exploring Sounds”.

Today things are a bit different for me and I decided a small name change is in order. While I think “Exploring Sounds” is still an OK name, I don’t like the clutter and weight an extra title brings, so I will go on with “Vorpal Sounds” or simply “VS” for my sound design series from now on.

It is definitely not a big deal or anything but I just feel like this should streamline things and hopefully make my sounds easier to find & identify for everyone. It is hard enough to get your content out there as it is so I thought I could get rid of an extra title and simplify things a bit more.

All right, just wanted to do a quick update. I’ll probably break things a few times while trying to update my older posts/links but it should eventually be done. See you soon with a brand new 2 part Redux sound design post!