Monthly Archives: April 2015

VS 14: Birds.

This week I’m using a sound taken from Luftrum’s field recording pack. It’s a free package consisting of 1 GB+ high quality recordings and I suggest that you check it out here. You can either download for free via SoundCloud or choose to donate (which goes directly to Save The Children charity) and get the whole package in one go.

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VS 13: Featuring Devastor

Hi. Recently I’ve been demoing this fantastic multiband distortion plugin, Devastor. It’s the first distortion unit I’ve come across that can sound good on pretty much any source or occasion. It’s almost impossible to not add a raw vintage quality to the sound you put it on to and the filters sound great. (And add some really cool movement when automated.) All in all I’m definitely blown away with it so far.

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VS 12: A Random Pick

Hi. This week (these last couple of weeks actually) I wasn’t feeling overly creative. But I didn’t want to skip my weekly post so I decided to start with a totally random sample out of my library, mess with it and see what happens. It went all right. So without further ado, here’s this week’s random sound:

I have no idea where that sample comes from. And it’s not exactly a high quality one. (You can hear the weird clicks and stuff.) But rules are rules.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve started with pvoc. It’s CDP’s resynthesis process and sometimes can sound pretty cool. I used to use it a lot but recently I haven’t been very lucky. My particular settings here pretty much work like a highpass filter. I’m not really sure if it’s exactly a hipass filter, but to my ears it sounds a bit more natural in this situation.

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