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Vorpal Music on Radio Tonka

Hello. Eatme, a talented fellow producer, will kindly feature one of my tracks on his radio show on Radio Tonka, which is a Netherlands based diverse underground radio.

The live broadcast is scheduled for 01:00-03:00 AM CET on Feb 28 2015 Saturday, so if you’d like to tune in, here’s the address:

The show will be available for download later, and I’ll add the links when it’s archived.

Update: Here’s the archive. Just select 28 Feb 2015 between 02:00-03:00.

See you around.


VS 6: Incidental Sounds

Hello. In this episode of Vorpal Sounds, we’ll have a go at making some incidental sounds. My definition isn’t probably very accurate but the idea of an incidental sound for me is something that’s not really musical but still supports the track’s structure by adding a little bit of freeform texture or ambience. I’m fascinated by these type of sounds but being overly analytical, I usually struggle to just pull some random samples into a song. So this sort of process is something that can sometimes yield cool results for that purpose.

Right, let’s get started now. The sample here is a little snippet from a movie. It’s short but has a nice mix of atmospherics and foley.

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Vorpal Sounds 5

Hello. This week, I have a little shorter single step walkthrough. Last time I had this simple concept where I added random movement to a basic sound, chop it up and use the good bits. This time it’s the same thing with a little twist: Instead of adding it randomly, I’m picking a sound that already has lots of movement and using that to produce various samples that can be used together; in this case a percussion kit. Well, almost.

Here’s the sound we’re using this week. Some sample I’ve taken randomly from an old record.

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Mirrored on Steam Greenlight

Sometime ago I’ve made trailer and cutscenes music for this great point & click adventure game “Mirrored” and it’s up on Steam Greenlight now. If you wanna check it out and help us by voting (You need to have purchased something on Steam previously to be able to vote.) it’s here:

And the trailer:

Hope you enjoy.


VS4: A Handful of Snares

Hi. I’m back with another tutorial. I’ve been making quite atmospheric sounds for the first three episodes so I wanted to mix things up a little in this 4th part.

So let’s get down to it. This time we’ll be using a snare drum sample. Nice and simple:

One of my all time favourite sound creation technique has to be making lengthy random sounds and picking the good moments by chopping them up. The great thing about this approach is, using long-term random movements can yield a lot of happy accident moments that you can’t usually produce otherwise. For me, it’s been an endless source material for a huge variety of sounds. (Basses, atmospherics, hits, fx etc.)

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Vorpal Sounds 3

Hi. I’ve been a little busy with some construction work in the studio lately but being almost done with it, I figured I could make a new post.

I have been abusing “fastconv” in the last 2 posts so I wanted to change things up using “vocode” under the category “formants” this time. Now I’m not very well acquainted with the technical details of the CDP process as usual but vocoding is traditionally used for talking synth-like effects (Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, etc.) Nowadays they seem to make a comeback to process and mangle all sorts of different sounds and get unexpected timbres.

So I was hoping to go for that kind of effect. My 1st sound was a random field recording I’ve done with my Zoom H4n. I don’t exactly remember what the object was but it’s basically a random metallic hit. I believe I’ve transposed it down 6 semitones beforehand.

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